About us

About us


Specializing in e-commerce growth; We help DTC brands profitably acquire customers through media buying, copywriting and ad creative optimization, with a full funnel approach combining strategy, data and testing to grow your customer base and revenue while minimizing exposure to costs.

With 4 years of experience in online advertising and 1 year working as fulltime media buyers and digital strategists, we live for successful paid social campaigns and happy clients. 

Through working with clients, we realized the agency model was broking and that paid ads alone is only 1 of 4 components to building and scaling a brand. We simplified the model and redefined what it means to be an agency.


… Not even us.

As of 2021, we now offer our services in a combination of consultancy and management. This allows us even more to become an integral part of our clients’ businesses while leading the day-to-day of their media buying efforts.

Anders is a co-owner of an e-com that we have taken from 0-100. (Read the case here). But there are many moving parts, and no matter how good you think you are; you need help.

That’s why we are here. We’ll take your everyday worklife from 14 hrs a day to 8 hrs. Less effort but more growth. This is what we call exponential scale.


… Alex is picky.

Meaning, we are quite selective in who we decide to work with. Our time is the most important asset we possess, and we will never compromise here.

So, if you are NOT willing to commit and go ALL IN, then this collaboration is NOT for you. This is a NOT with capital letters. Beyond that, we are pretty chill human beings, and the goal and mission has always been, and will always remain:

The agency that receives the most Christmas cards from our clients when the year is over 🎅🏼

Add 2 aces to your hand and strengthen your team on your journey towards 7 figures and beyond.


Anders lawets

With a cross channel marketing mindset, flair for media buying, strategic planning and implementation, Anders is the CEO of Dimél Media.

“My expertise really lies within DTC brands. Through Facebook ads, targeted media buying, and data-driven analysis leading to proven results. I leverage machine learning capabilities with reiterative creative testing to scale ad accounts.”

  • Reads 1 book a week
  • Favorite book: Mastermind Marketing System
  • More certificates in online marketing than you have Linkedin contacts.
  • Emoji: 🦄


With a constant positive and optimistic mindset, a strong passion for creative and effective solutions and through constant sparring with industry-leading experts, Alexander has achieved the knowledge and abilities to create unique high-converting ad creatives.

“Instagram – as a part of the Facebook family – can be an extremely powerful platform to prospect new customers. It really gives you the power to tell your brand’s story while keeping your CPM’s low and tying it with your conversion goals.”

  • Has produced an award-winning brand video
  • Favorite read: Ca$hvertising
  • Emoji: 🤯


We spend +100K on mentors and personal development a year

We’ve read +100 books on marketing, business and performance

We wake up at 4:46am every day

We’re pretty funny


We both hold a bachelor’s degree in law and economics and studying marketing law was what really got us into online advertising and paid social media in the first place.

Online marketing is our passion, and it has been so for almost five years.

Together we have founded Dimél Media. An “agency” where we can create value for other companies and help them scale their business.

“Agency” in quotation, as we are far from what one would otherwise forsake as a typical social media marketing agency. We only work with carefully selected clients as we want to be able to fully engage and immerse ourselves in passion projects. 

If your business becomes a client, we’ll take full responsibility for your Facebook and Instagram advertising, but at the same time be a full time sparring partner across the board in terms of digital strategy.