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Trying to Figure Out Everything on Your Own Is Costing You $500,000+ per Year

It's not your fault... You dont know what you don't know.
But time is your most valuable resource. And a wrong decision could mean 6-figures in opportunity costs and 100+ hours of additional work.

What we do

Do you want to stop wasting money on ads that your audience scroll past by and instead make them stop and think “Wow, what was that”?

We create eye-catching, high-converting and branded ad creatives for e-Commerce brands, with one purpose only: Converting Customers

With our constantly updated and proven frame-work, we combine advanced human psychology, intelligent creativity and years of professional video editing experience into ad creatives that actually resonates with your audience.

If you can’t provide us with any great content, we will help you obtain just that!

Taking a brand from 6 figures to 7 figures and beyond requires a lot more than just great Facebook ads.

Real results come from focusing on your entire funnel and really narrow in on the customer journey.

That why we put loads of efforts into helping you optimize and monetize your traffic systems, focusing on the 4 key pillars to maximize exponential growth:

  • Traffic
  • Average Order Value
  • Conversion Rate
  • Customer Lifetime Value

Media buying is an art as much as a science.

From creating your ideal customer persona to managing campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, Google and Snapchat ads, we provide a full funnel strategy with a heavy focus on Facebook as the main driver for traffic.

We don’t rely on platforms but rather on creative & copy testing combined with data-driven analysis to scale and sustain profitable Ecommerce brands.

We make an in-deep analysis of your customer avatar and test out different ad angles to see what “bait” truly hooks them, so that we know exactly what to scale and how to outperform your competitors.

This is what we really do every day: Marketing. Writing ad copy based on human behavior psychology that strikes a nerve within your ideal audience.

Testing different messaging strategies is vital to improving return on ad spend as well as discovering new scaling opportunities.



“I was very skeptical at first because nothing else had worked for me. So, I was completely shocked when we
10x our orders just within the first couple of days ."

Elisabeth C.
CEO & Founder | With Love Darling
mads ny

“From doing 1 sale over 4 months with another agency to
+10.000 sales in 6 months.”

Mads H.
CEO at Cheers

“Dimél has taken this brand to a level I didn’t thought possible 5 months ago. I think their abilities within online marketing speaks for itself when one of the guys are now a co-owner of our brand”

Max L.
CEO at VikinX

“We have had the pleasure of working with Dimél in the early process of starting up and launching a new business.
Really a professional partner who was able to “turn things upside down" and was able to put together a structural digital marketing plan for us to implement.

These guys go above and beyond…
We can only give Dimél Media our best recommendations."

Henrik M.


The process we have used to help clients drastically increase the number of new customers, average order value, brand value and customer loyalty in (usually) 90 days or less.

⠀STEP 1⠀

Strategic deep dive into your brand, learning your pain points by analyzing your e-Commerce ecosystem.
With this analysis, we will develop a comprehensive action plan based on how you want to scale.

⠀STEP 2⠀

Setting up, optimizing and consulting on all relevant factors that directly impact the ad performance.
Traffic is only 1 out of 4 components to a profitable brand and efficient marketing.


⠀STEP 3⠀

Time to launch the campaigns. Here we test audiences, interest, creatives, placements. Anything that helps us get a complete understanding of your audience.

⠀STEP 4⠀

This is where the magic happens 🦄
We find the winning creatives, audiences and markets, and use our proven scaling strategy to sustainably scale-up your business to 7 figures and beyond.